You Can Still Build All Those Old LEGO Sets that You Lost the Instructions For

February 17, 2023 4:29 pm in by

We’ve all been there. You’ve just finished watching the latest episode of LEGO masters and you got all inspired to go play with the ageless toy that is all mixed together in the toy box. You find some pieces that give you a flashback to the set they came from and as desperate as you are to recreate it, you can’t find the instructions anywhere.

A little while ago LEGO built an APP that answers your problem. It contains years and years of LEGO set builds original instructions right there on the screen to make it easy to follow along and zoom in to get a closer look at exactly what part your need and where it goes because are those arrows pointing to the back of the build, or is it the front?

Download via the Apple App Store or Via Google Play

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It’s especially handy with the newer sets like the Lego Friends collection. Those sets have a specially designed “play-by-play” feature so it’s just a matter of hitting the arrow, finding the next part and following the animation.

Img: LEGO Friends Universe

Because it’s friendship month, the team have celebrated with the new LEGO Friends Universe. The reason we love this new range is that it shows today’s reality through an all-new character line-up. The new characters are inclusive of gender, culture, ethnicity, physical traits and abilities, non-visible disabilities and neurodivergence (there’s a new cartoon as well).

Bravo LEGO!