See what happens when you flush with the lid up (spoiler: it’s gross)

March 6, 2023 3:13 pm in by
(YouTube/Wonder World)

We’ve been arguing about whether to leave the toilet seat up or down for what feels like centuries, but the REAL question is around flushing.

Should you leave the toilet lid up or down when you flush?

The answer is straightforward and very gross, involving a phrase that you thankfully don’t hear in polite conversation too often: ‘faecal mist’. 

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Our favourite scientist Dr Karl explained it all about a year ago, and now we have the video evidence to go with it.

Dr Karl explained that when you flush, “a polluted flume of bacteria and water vapour erupts out of the water bowl” and some of it could even land on your toothbrush.

Which means you could be brushing your teeth with toilet water.


@drkarl Do you need scientific evidence to make your housemates flush with the toilet lid shut? Here you go 😎 #drkarl #drkarlkruszelnicki #science ♬ original sound – Dr Karl
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“How much did women pay you for this?” joked one commenter, while others said they were grateful to have their toilet in its own separate room away from toothbrushes.

And now a recent study gives us the visual motivation to put that lid down. Researchers attached a laser beam to a toilet bowl to show that nasty plume of toilet matter spraying into the air, and it really is as disgusting as it sounds.

So there you have it. Put the lid down when you flush. That’s the hygiene rule!

And if you still want to live dangerously and keep the lid up, make sure you at least close your mouth when you stand near the bowl to flush!