Mars and Bounty’s All-New ‘Secret Centre’ Biscuits Land on Shelves

August 11, 2023 12:25 pm in by
Image: Coles

Brace yourself, chocolate lovers! A new indulgence has made its grand entrance.

Mars and Bounty Secret Centre Biscuits have just hit the shelves exclusively at Coles, changing our our tea-time treats as we know it. These aren’t your regular biscuits; these are inspired by two of our all-time favourite chocolate bars. And yes, even if you’re giving the side-eye to Bounty, keep reading.

The tantalising image on the packaging promises a unique experience – think chocolate biscuits draped in sumptuous milk chocolate with a surprise centre awaiting your bite. Ahh…yum!

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Get ready for a melt-in-your-mouth sensation with the Mars variant, boasting a creamy chocolate and caramel core. As for Bounty? It promises an escapade to the tropics with a coconut-flavoured cream centre, all encased in velvety milk chocolate.

What’s the secret behind these irresistible treats? They hail from the UK, a land that has perfected the art of biscuit-making. So, buckle up for a taste sensation!

Craving them already? Head to Coles, where the Mars and Bounty Secret Centre biscuits are retailing at just $5.50 a packet.