Love It or Hate It? Cadbury’s Controversial Roses Flavour Shake Up

July 7, 2023 10:02 am in by
Image: Cadbury Facebook Page

World Chocolate Day today brings some surprising and controversial news for chocolate lovers. Cadbury, a long-time favourite, is shaking things up by changing the flavours available in its iconic Roses chocolate gift boxes (again). Say goodbye to the hazelnut creme crisp, peppermint creme crunch, white raspberry, and dark mocha nougat flavours. Cadbury are bringing back the classic soft-centred orange, strawberry, and peppermint creme favourites! It’s a delightful blast from the past.

Whether you love Turkish delight or hate it, this flavour managed to survive, along with classic milk, hazelnut swirl, vanilla nougat, classic caramel, and caramel deluxe. But that’s not all – Cadbury is introducing a new flavour to this revamped mix. Get ready for the passionfruit delight – a soft passionfruit center coated in dark chocolate. Sounds yum, but the question is, will fans agree?

If you’re a bit gobsmacked by these changes, no need to worry. It looks like Cadbury has actually listened to customer feedback when deciding on these flavours.

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The new Roses boxes will grace supermarket shelves nationwide starting from July. Happy World Chocolate Day!