Internet Goes Bananas Over Ripeness Debate. What Number Are You?

May 30, 2024 11:42 am in by

A recent photo circulating on Instagram has sent fruit enthusiasts into a banana drama, debating the ideal ripeness of a banana. The image showcases a lineup of bananas numbered from 1 to 15, spanning the spectrum from vibrant green to richly speckled brown.

This seemingly innocent photo has created a polarising discussion among banana connoisseurs, with each number representing a distinct level of ripeness, from firm and unripe to ready-for-banana-bread softness.

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It also seems that the level of banana ripeness you identify with determines how normal or legendary you are. One user suggests, “7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 are for the normal people. 1-6 are for ELITE PEOPLE but 12-15 😂😂 only THE LEGENDS only 😂😂 let’s know each other which group are you?”

Another user suggests there are different health benefits depending on the ripeness of the bananas: “1-6 contain less sugar and have more resistant starch, which may benefit blood sugar management and your overall health. 10-15, very ripe and overripe bananas, are rich in flavour and antioxidants, which can help benefit our immune systems.”

It also seems there are people out there who are on team ‘super ripe.’ One commenter prefers “anything after 11. Fight me; I don’t like my bananas tasteless and hard.”

As comments flood in, individuals are passionately barracking for their preferred banana ripeness. It’s apparently a big deal. Are you on team green, team in-between or team brown?