Debate Over: Heinz Reveals Whether Tomato Sauce Goes in The Fridge or Pantry

June 30, 2023 2:22 pm in by
Image: STEFANI REYNOLDS / Getty Images

Thanks to Heinz, the debate that has divided households and nations is finally over.
One tweet is all it has taken to end the often heated debate of whether tomato sauce goes in the fridge or pantry.

Although, it didn’t end the debate as it intended, it only added fuel to the burning fire.
Fans took to the comments section to post their arguments saying “No, it doesn’t. You stick to production, and I’ll deal with the consumption,” one user said.
Another user asked, “So why is it on the shelves in supermarkets & shops then?”
“Heinz don’t even know where their product should be stored,” added another.
However, the sauce in the fridge lovers were wrapped with the news.
With one user professing that “It tastes better cold!”
So how do you like your sauce, the wrong way or in the pantry?

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