Records set to tumble after chilly November morning

November 3, 2022 7:51 am in by

This morning’s wintery temperatures could be one for the record books!

The mercury dipped to 7.7 degrees at the Sunshine Coast Airport, 7.4 degrees in Gympie – that’s around 10 degrees below the average minimum for November.

Helen Reid from Bureau of Meteorology says nearly the entire state has been affected, with records expected to tumble in several locations.

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“We will be consulting the record books as well… to see if some of those places have been able to get the coldest November morning since they’ve had data at those locations.”

“We’re looking very closely at some of the locations in the south east; Toowoomba’s got one that’s quite cool, Beaudesert as well, Nambour. In Central Queensland we’ve got places around Rockhampton, Central Highlands, Coalfields, Blackwater and Clermont, and as we head further north even Hughenden and Richmond.”

She says a dry air mass moving over the state is causing the chilly weather.

“It’s all come from a nice blast of cool air, and it’s dry, and it’s moved all the way through to almost the Far North of the state.

Ms Reid says we can expect another cool morning tomorrow before things start to return to normal.

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“Not quite as fresh as this morning, but it will still be well below the November average. We’re looking at it being, like, 6 – 8 degrees below average again tomorrow.

“As we head into the weekend both the daytime and morning temperatures will be gradually getting a little bit warmer. We’ll almost be back to November average by the time we get to the start of next week.”


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