One in three pet owners fail to renew rego

October 25, 2022 6:20 am in by
Supplied by Sunshine Coast Council

Did you remember to renew your pet registration with Sunshine Coast Council this year?

It turns out nearly one in three residents either forgot, or failed to do so by the September 30 deadline.

Reminders have now been sent out to the 31 percent of owners whose rego is overdue.

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Councillor Winston Johnston says now is the time to renew your registration to avoid a fine.

“Continued failure to renew your pet’s registration may result in a $287 infringement,” Cr Johnston says.

“Not only does the registration help council to reunite lost pets with their owners and provide funding for pet-related services, it’s also an important part of being a responsible pet owner.

“It’s an offence to have an unregistered dog or cat on the Sunshine Coast for more than 14 days.

“If you haven’t received a renewal notice, your pet’s details have changed or you no longer own your pet, please contact council as soon as possible to update your details and avoid receiving an infringement.”

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Cr Johnston says discounts apply for desexed pets, with the cost being just $24, and registration is free if you have a current pensioner card and your pet is both desexed and microchipped.

There is also the option of a lifetime registration for desexed and microchipped cats – $87 with no annual renewal fee required.

Registration is free for pets under six-months-old.