Local meter readers facing rise in dog incidents

August 19, 2022 6:52 am in by
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Sunshine Coast dog owners are being urged to make sure their pets are secured after a Queensland meter reader was bitten by a Pit Bull that jumped a fence.

Ergon Energy’s Michael Dart says the reader needed medical treatment after being bitten on the arm shortly after the owner assured him it was safe to enter the property.

“The meter reader is nursing a shocking wound and was understandably shaken by this incident where the dog was able to jump a secondary fence that was separating it from the work area, ” Mr Dart says.

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“It reinforces our appeals to dog owners to take the community’s safety seriously and ensure their pets cannot jump or dig underneath fences, bust down doors or escape from their enclosures.

“We need your help to stop meter readers, power workers and other people simply going about their business in the community from being attacked or feeling threatened by dogs.

“We’re seeing too many incidents where after our meter readers have confirmed it is safe to enter properties, the dogs have been able to escape from their enclosures or restraints.”

Ergon and Energex have recorded 88 dog-related incidents across Queensland since the start of the year, including 23 cases requiring first aid, 8 medical treatment injuries, one hospitalisation and 56 close calls.

Two of those have been in Maroochydore. 

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“If you walked a mile in a meter reader’s shoes, going door-to-door on daily rounds, you would understand how even a close encounter with a dog can leave them feeling vulnerable and unsafe in certain yards, streets and neighbourhoods,” Mr Dart says.

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